Surviving the Holidays Newly Engaged

Surviving the holidays when you are newly engaged can be fun but also daunting sometimes depending on your family.

Hi I’m Kirstie, a wedding and engagement photographer located here in Des Moines Iowa! I love helping couples have the best time during this short engagement period in their lives!

These are just a few tips so that you can use this holiday season when you are surrounded by all your family who have 1 million questions for you. 

Tip number one. Clean the bling.

You might’ve just gotten engaged but chances are it’s been on your finger for a little while and it’s never a bad idea to just run in and get your ring cleaned. Most jewelers will provide a service for free so I always take advantage of it whenever I go to the mall it’s amazing how big of a difference it makes your ring shine.

Tip number two.  your proposal story.

Chances are if you have a big family you’re going to get asked a bunch of times how the proposal happened and want to know every little detail. This really isn’t a bad thing except when you have a ton of family members asking you over and over again how the proposal went. One thing you can do in order to just tell the story once is to hold off or first thing announce when everyone is in a room together and tell them your story so everyone can hear it chances are everyone’s going to love hearing it and you only have to tell it once or twice. 

Tip number 3. Be ready for advice.

So now that you’ve told your family and everyone knows you’re bound to get a ton of different advice from everybody. Some advice might be amazing and some might be something where you just nod your head and go with the flow just remember that this is your day so don’t make any promises to anyone or you don’t feel like you have to make any quick decisions during a holiday festivities. 

Tip number 4.  Enjoy it! 

Chances are you’re going to only be engaged during the holidays once maybe twice So it’s best to really enjoy the season in your life because it’s only going to happen once and it last for a really short amount of time! 

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