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A month ago, I was so excited to be able to photograph a talented new Florist!! Kathryn, owner of Beautifully Bloomed is such and amazing and kind soul! She really wanted bright images that made her blooms stand out and pop! It was so much fun and getting to know her and watch her create these beautiful arrangements was amazing! I am always in awe of what Florists can create!

I love meeting creative women and getting to do branding sessions is something that is just so fun and personal! As an Iowa Branding Photographer getting to chat about dreams, business and creativity is soooo fun and fills the soul! Plus you get some cute photos from it!

I had a few questions for Kathryn and I really think you will enjoy how unique she and her business is!

The Questions

1. Here is my start – it’s a little lengthy because well my story is:
In high school – I knew I loved flowers and applied at a flower shop. I didn’t even get an interview.
In college, I still perused floral design and applied at another floral shop. I got an interview but not the job.
End of college, I applied at a floral design studio. I got an interview and an internship! It was truly the dream job with amazing people! Then when my internship was over, I was not offered any sort of continuation with the company.
To say that these set backs weren’t easy would be an understatement. They were hard. Hard as hell. Especially the most recent position. I really thought I was in the spot that I wanted to be, but God knows my path better than I do. Thank goodness! I hit a point where I thought that I literally have no where else to go but up. I might as well take a shot at the business! So I started my own flower farm/ floral design company. I am investing in my own personal development to learn as much as I can about the business to better service those I run into. I am really thankful for all of these “heartbreaks,” and I generally want the best for my former employers, but if I wouldn’t have experienced these no’s, then Beautifully Bloomed would not exist! 

2. My why: I was honestly thinking about if I should even share about my faith. Although it is strong, I think there is a time and a place for faith. I never think it is appropriate for people to shove it into other people’s faces. This is a little different. I want to share my faith because it is an important element to this business.
At the end of the day this business is centered around flowers. I mean, let’s just break down flowers. They are incredibly beautiful plants that pop up from the ground. Even if they weren’t planted directly by a farmer, they grow everywhere. If you start to look for them more, you will find them where ever you go. Why is that? Well, simply, we have a creator who loves beauty. I mean he created YOU! Why not thank that same creator for the flowers of the earth.
There are many florists who hammer out wedding after wedding, not much thinking about what a wedding signifies. A wedding is the most glorious event to happen. It doesn’t matter if it is a larger or small. Big budget or none, weddings are the most pure and beautiful events to happen (arguably having a child is also quite up there too). It is stating that you and another person are joining together – from a match made in heaven. As a florist and designer, I take time for every wedding to just pray over the event. I pray that it brings this world joy through the new partnership. I thank God for his creation, flowers and the couple alike. What a wonderful event to be a part of. I love being a floral designer because I get to witness the joy and happiness that love brings to people. Therefore, I treat every wedding like it is going to be the best day ever! – because it is.
My heart is in it because the beauty of flowers is something to share with others <3

3. A perfect work day looks like waking up before the sun gets up and tending to my garden with my dog (Don’t have one yet, but hopefully). Picking the beautiful blooms and bringing them into the studio. Then driving around to my different clients and florists in the area checking up on them and giving them some of the fresh flowers that I picked. In the afternoon, I would return to my studio and design for a wedding that I would be working at on the weekend. In the evening, I would go back to field and tend to the field one last time before bed.

4. My inspiration comes from some of my own friends and people that I admire. Those people are @pristinefloral @theflowerhat and @floretfarmer. They create some of the most beautiful designs and I hope to one day be like them.

5. I would say I do not have a specific “style” but I do have a specific personality type that I like to look for. I love to find the brides that want to do something completely different than everyone else. I like to work with brides who try to break normality with something new/fresh. I also look for brides who appreciate my style and my work.

6. A special tip that I would give brides as they look for a florist is ask the florists what they do with left over flowers or centerpieces from a wedding. Most florists will either throw them away or try to use them at the next week’s wedding. That being said, there is a lot of waste in the floral industry. Try to find a florist that only uses the best flowers and will donate them to local organizations who would appreciate them. I offer all of my brides a free clean up service if they allow me to donate their centerpieces to a local nursing home. The residence absolutely love receiving fresh flowers and will beam with the opportunity to enjoy flowers from someone’s wedding.

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