14 Epic Engagement Locations in Iowa

Iowa is full of amazing and unique locations for photos! From urban locations, to State parks there is going to be something that will resonate with any couple! Sometimes, as an Iowa wedding and engagement photographer I love learn about my couples and what they love to do together! This way we can create a unique engagement session special to them!

Here are 14 Epic Engagement Locations in Iowa. Be sure to always practice the “leave no trace principals” and even leave areas better than when you came. Always get permission if on public property and abide by park regulations!

1) The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden and Art Center in Des Moines Iowa is such a wonderful spot for photos!!! It is one of my favorite places because there are so many different spots all in one area!

2) Travelers Sign Parking Garage

This is such a fun spot!! I love the urban vibe it gives, and who can resist that iconic Des Moines “The Travelers” sign?!?

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3) Ledges State Park

This place has the neatest cliffs and ledges, hence the name! It’s located just outside of Ames so it’s not too far of a drive either! Theres a verity of areas around here as well making it a fun little adventure to explore! View more from this adventure engagement session here!

4) East Village

I get asked about this Ivy wall I think more than any other location ever!! It is located in the East Village in Downtown Des Moines. It is however the wall of a garage. Before use please visit the location and get the information on the door and get permission to photograph here.

5) Dale Maffit Reservoir

I never knew about this charming reservoir located just 15 min from my house in Des Moines until this past Fall!!! It’s become one of my very favorites already! Any outdoor lover will feel right at home at this place!

6) State Capitol

This place has so many cool views! Getting up close to the State Capitol made me realize how big this building truly is!!! Now, I need to make it a goal to get inside the building sometime haha!

7) Botanical Garden

The Botanical Gardens in Des Moines is a great option for Winter Engagement Sessions in Iowa!! It will feel like summer in the high 80s once you get in here!

8) Harveys Greenhouse

This is another favorite spot for an Iowa winter engagement! Here at Harveys greenhouse they have a cacti room, which makes you feel totally transported from Iowa! Located in Adel, it’s very close to the metro area!

9) Downtown Des Moines

Downtown has so much to offer! From bridges and historic buildings to cute coffee shops! It’s one of my go-to spots! With parks near by you can get an urban and nature look for your engagement session! It’s the best of both worlds!

10) Grays Lake

Grays lake is a cute little park located downtown! It’s one of those perfect places for getting some fun nature spots but also have easy access from the metro!

11) The Hall

Like beer and games? This is the place to go! The Hall in Historic Valley Junction West Des Moines is such a fun place! I loved when Allison suggested it, and it was pretty fun to watch her beat Tyler in a game of Sorry!

12) Waterworks Park

Waterworks is another fun and popular location for Engagement sessions! Another Downtown park option that is amazing for spring time! The cherry blossoms are absolutely stunning, so any spring lover would need to come here!

13) World Food Prize

The World Food Prize has a beautiful garden and is an Iconic historical building! This is a great spot for couples who love an elegant vibe and appreciate great landscaping!

14) Brenton Arboretum

This Arboretum is amazing! It’s a huge place with basically any plant that can grow in Iowa! It also has the most beautiful willow trees I have ever found in Iowa! If you love nature and trails, you need to come and visit just because!! Located near Adel Iowa, it’s a quick drive from the metro!

Thank you so much for reading through these amazing engagement locations! As an Iowa Engagement Photographer,I hope it helps you pick out some great spots for your engagement session!

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