Kayla + Nick – Veterans Memorial Building, Cedar Rapids Wedding

This past spring, Kayla and Nick were married inside the most beautiful ballroom at The Veterans Memorial Building for this  Cedar Rapids Wedding.  It was so beautiful, and every photo was taken inside, but my favorite parts for sure was when Kayla read Nicks note to her. I was even able to use my dress mold I named “Catherine” for the first time, and these are some of my favorite dress shots to date! The first look she did with her mother was so special! She had a lace sleeve wrap that her mother really loved, and she surprised her with it!

Kayla and Nick are the coolest couple, and have such a great love story! No one tells it better than Kayla herself, so read on!!

“After meeting for 30 min in passing, nothing could keep us apart. Nick followed me to work that night, just to sit at my bar and have a drink. The next day, he took me to lunch, and our “date” didn’t end until 9 o’clock the next morning. To say that we were inseparable would be an understatement. Never in my life has someone just belonged so instantly. I introduced him to my parents on day 4, and on day 5, 6, and 7 we spent every second we could together. Nick told me loved me on day 7, I had never known it was possible to love a stranger until I knew Nick. This person, who just walked into a bar, became my whole life in a matter of a week. A few days later, I drove Nick to the airport and cried, not knowing when I would see him again. Weeks drug on, and phone calls got longer. Every moment that was available we were on the phone, texting, or communicating any way we could. After 4 months, it was finally time to bring Nick home. I am not sure how we got from living 1,700 miles apart, to living in my parents basement, to this day. It all kind of blends into this one big blur of happiness. Nick and I have been through ups and downs that I am not sure either of us ever saw coming in the short time they did. Life challenged us, and continues to do so. Through it all the one thing that I know will remain the same is us. Nick is my strength and my weakness. This man loves me as if I were the last person on earth and I can’t imagine my life without his soaring confidence in me and his willingness to love me for exactly who I am. Our wedding day came and went so fast that we woke up the next day remembering tears, laughter and a lot of worry. Nick and I spent the day together enjoying the memories we had and recapping. Nothing could prepare us for logging onto Facebook later in the day and seeing the sneak peaks that Kirstie had posted on Facebook of our day. Every single emotion came flooding back and every single moment she captured was truly frozen in time. Nick and I could not have asked for more than the elegance and beauty that came through in our photos. It is hard to believe even now looking back at the photos from the day that they are ours. Our wedding was magical, but the photos that we have to look on for the rest of our lives are truly remarkable. Kirstie captured the love, laughter and tears in a way that neither of us could have even thought possible. We are forever grateful for these memories that were created, and have a lifetime to show them off and remember every moment as if it were happening right now.”



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