Rothy’s the Better Flat for Photographers

As an Des Moines Iowa wedding photographer, I am on my feet a lot during the day and I need shoes that are comfy but not ugly. I have been a loyal tieks wearer for the past year, but I think this shoe has finally met its match in almost every way! You can find my post about tieks for photographers here! If you are someone who wants a comfortable out of the box shoe, is flexible and durable then read on! 


Rothy’s are Green 


These shoes are made out of water bottles!!!! Yeah, over 16,000,000 water bottles have been recycled to create these really cute shoes!  Even if saving the planet is not on your agenda, it doesn’t hurt to know that you can look cute while doing so. πŸ˜‰ 


They are machine washable


I grew up with my mother telling me not to buy white pants, purses, shoes, ect because they get dirty easily. I tend to stay away from light colored shoes because well, shes right.  I couldn’t resist the color of the Pink Petal point flats and I love the way they go with so many of my outfits! They do however show dirt a bit easier. I have washed these now 3 times and they come out looking brand spanking new each time!!!  Also, if you don’t have feet that smell like roses, this is also helpful! My leather tieks got pretty stanky because you cant really wash them.   Washing these are a breeze, I literally throw them in with nothing else in the wash, put in my detergent and wash with cold water. Then you let them air dry, or in front of a fan for super quick drying! Just remember, do not throw in the dryer or use hot water! They are plastic and they will shrink. 


They have never hurt my toes! 


So I suffer with really sensitive toenails and get ingrown toenails frequently. I must just be blessed as I have had this issue since I can remember. My tieks took a bit of stretching because they would put pressure on my big toe, but Rothy’s were stretchy, and light right out of the box! They feel like slippers!  I had never worn a pointed toed flat before and wondered if I would trip all the time, and I actually don’t even notice it unless I am walking through really tall grass!  These shoes have also never slipped off, but because of the point and the extra room I did find that when walking for a longer period of time my feet will slide up farther into the point and leave a small gap behind my heel. But this is easily adjustable when you walk so I do not even notice it any more. 


How do they hold up with long days on your feet? 


Ok, so whats the actual comfort level of these shoes?  To truly test them out I wore them on my girls trip to the Mall of America and walked around in them for two days and I have worn them during two weddings.  My feet did hurt towards the end of the first day, and pretty quickly during the start of the next day. I dont think these are shoes to wear if your going to do a lot of continuous walking for multiple days. But that makes sense because they are flats, and do not have a ton of support. With that being said, I photographed in these for two different weddings and didn’t notice my feet hurting at all!! Also, with these shoes you could easily add gel inserts, or arch supports if you needed. I am really confident that these flats would work for the regular work day person. Teachers, office jobs should be fine, but if your profession has you standing all day like a hair dresser, you will want to put some inserts in these. 


They have multiple styles 


The nice thing about Rothy’s is they come in all kinds of styles!!!  I have the points, but they also have round toe flats, a loafer and recently added sneakers! I am really excited to try some of these styles in the future, but for now I just want all the point flats! <3



Any Cons? 


Yes. I would say that these shoes are not good if it has rained, been raining, or where its wet haha. I took the dogs out the other day and after 2 seconds being in the grass my feet and shoes were soaked.  They also showed that wet dirt line on my shoes so I threw them in the wash which made them look brand new again, but I had to wear other shoes the rest of the day while they dried.  I also have noticed if you have wide feet like me, its easier to get grass clippings in your shoes. This typically isnt as issue but as a photographer I frolic through grass often haha. Its easy to clean, you literally take the shoe off and take the grass out, but its just a sensation I don’t particularly like. But they are comfier because they are a bit more loose so its a trade off I am willing to deal with. 


Final Thoughts 


I am a really big fan of these shoes! I only wear my tieks if I know I’m going to be in muddier situations as they handle water a bit better. I will be adding many more to my collection! If you are interested in trying these shoes out, I have a link for you to get $20 off your first purchase!  I could talk about these shoes all day, and I actually had a wedding consultation that started out “I love your shoes, I have Rothy’s too!” We became instant friends haha! Let me know if you decide to get a pair or if you have any questions for me! <3 

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