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Shuckahosee Family Portraits | Water Works Park, Des. Moines Iowa



When Kayla reached out to me about taking some Family portraits, I was excited to learn that she has young children! Kids are always fun to photograph because they are unpredictable and bound to do something cute! I was super excited that they wanted to take photos in downtown Des Moines, this is my favorite place to photograph!  I had a learning opportunity too, and I am really excited about it!! Kayla told me how I can send a pin drop location with my iphone! How cool is that?! I bet I’m the last one to figure this out, but as a Family and Wedding photographer in Iowa, where there are always open and large areas it will be so handy! Thanks Kayla for your little nugget of wisdom! When the Shuckahosee family arrived at water works park, I was greeted by some really adorable kids! Bronson, was just the sweetest little guy, Bria was so cute and silly, and Keira was so polite and had the most beautiful hair! Such a stunning family!

On family nights, this family likes to go to movies, shopping, trampoline jumping and bike riding in the park! I don’t know about you, but I think a trampoline photo session would be hilarious!



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