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Intimate Weddings – They’re Not Just for Pandemics



2020 has changed a lot of Iowa Wedding Plans.

I know a lot of couples have been changing their wedding plans recently, including a lot of my own couples! Switching up the guest list to have a smaller wedding has been the trend and necessity for 2020.  But, you know intimate weddings don’t have to be just because of a pandemic.   Here are a few reasons why I am falling totally in love with smaller intimate weddings!!! 

Small Weddings have many different names.

Smaller weddings come with many different names, micro wedding, elopements, intimate weddings. They can vary from one to another. An intimate wedding to me is when you have immediate family and only the closest of close friends. This is usually 30 people or under.  You can really narrow it down and just have parents and siblings, or even just the two of you!!! I talk more in-depth on if any of these options are right for you on my website. You can check out more information on if a smaller wedding is right for you here.

The focus is on the TWO of you!

Smaller weddings mean more time for the two of you!!! And when there are less people at your wedding you can make it exactly what you want and be super intentional with your day!! It allows us to have more freedom with time on your wedding day.   If it’s just the two of you, or just a handful of people you can go to your favorite spots! Or find some really epic locations for portraits!  Heck, you don’t even have to stay in Iowa!

Have a fully custom wedding day.

Intimate weddings allow you to literally do what you want on your wedding day.  You could rent out an air-bnb and make a fun weekend of it!  You don’t have to have a huge fancy wedding in order to have your day documented.  You can still get dressed up, get some beautiful flowers and spend it with the people who love you! End the night with your favorite drink, grab a pizza, chill at your parent’s backyard or hang out at the lake! The possibilities are endless!!


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