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Big, small or just you two, your wedding day is still your wedding day!! 

Elopements have evolved over the years! Lots of couples are opting out of bigger weddings and have decided to have a smaller (micro) weddings or elopements with their closest friends and family. 

So weather you chose to downsize your wedding due to COVID or you have always wanted an intimate celebration from the start- let me be the first to tell you that you should celebrate!!!!

This is a day to remember for the rest of your life! 

Smaller weddings are chock-full of emotions!! When you know every single person at your wedding and they are all very special to you it makes each moment so special.

 Not having 400 guests also means you will have more time with each-other to make meaningful memories together! 

No joke, planning a smaller elopement is waaaay less stress than a huge wedding.  I can't even tell you how many times on a wedding day the bride has told me about being worried about all their guests, even when they are being well taken care of with drinks and delicious horderves.

 The couple still has them on their mind, which makes me sad because today is about you and your family! 
Having a smaller wedding allows you to be more present in the moment, and not worry if people are entertained, hungry, too hot or too cold etc.  

You should enjoy your wedding day! Sometimes couples spend all of their energy pleasing everyone else. When you have a smaller wedding, with fewer guests or even just the two of you, the focus is less on others opinions and more on you enjoying your celebration of marriage! 

Elopements and small weddings don't all have to look the same. Sarah & Jared had an intimate backyard wedding. They had some of the same elements of a traditional large wedding, just smaller scale.  


All The Feels

Stress free

a celebration of you

Sarah & Jared
backyard wedding

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Ankeny, Ia


Des Moines, Iowa

Rollins Mansion


Des Moines, Ia

Botanical Garden


Iowa City, Iowa

Celebration Farm

Iowa Wedding Venues

Lot's of venues have an option to rent a smaller room of their venue, or are great sizes for smaller weddings, and have lower rates for non-Saturday dates. Here are a few venue ideas!

Smaller  Event  spaces

Non- Venue Ideas

Tamory Hall

The Art Center

teachout building

Brenton Skating Plaza

The Driftless

The tea room

Local Parks

The Rose Garden 

Jasper park

the brenton arboretum

dale maffit reservior

Your backyard or home

at the lake

on a boat / pontoon

Air bNb

Shattering silence monument

Destination elopements

Some of my 
favorite destinations

Can't find a place in Iowa or want to travel? GO FOR IT!!!! Just the two of you or your closest family and friends take a road trip or hop on a plane. Some of our national parks, or just some fun spots to visit are going to be beautiful and make memories you will remember forever. 


West Palm Beach


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