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Holly & Frank Engagement | Grays Lake Des Moines Iowa | Iowa Wedding Photographer




I had so much fun getting to know Holly and Frank tonight!  We braved the Iowa heat, which wasn’t too bad since we had a breeze.  We started out at waterworks park where we took a few shots by the white barn and some nearby trees. One thing about waterworks is there is always sure to be other photographer, and this one was also shooting and engagement session, but they had their boom box going with some “mood music” haha! It was kinda funny, and awkward but made for a great laughing point.   I might have to bring some mood music to Holly and Franks wedding portraits to see what they think of this new trend!

We then went to Grays Lake and there were some beautiful tall grasses and a really pretty like side spot that I will be sure to go visit again!

Thanks so much for the amazing evening, I’m really excited for your wedding that will be here before you know it!!




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