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Brand Photo Session for Jennifer Weinman Photography - by Brand Photographer Kirstie Veatch

The saying goes, fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. And honestly its true with your brand photography session. That’s why it’s so important for us to plan your session and not just blindly go in with no plan!  Here are some key points as to why you should book me as your Des Moines Brand Photographer and have a well thought out and planned session! 

1. Crafting Deliberate Visuals:

A well-prepared branding shoot is setting us up for success. It guarantees a vivid vision of the images you need to capture, meaning we will actually go through and think of all the photos you need for your biz! (Not really sure, no worries I have a list that will help!) Whether you require striking banner visuals for your website, captivating profile photos, or specialized content for your marketing efforts, planning ensures you dont get your gallery and feel like your missing something!

2. A Seamless Fit for Your Brand:

Your brand is  one-of-a-kind, and your branding shoot should mirror that distinctiveness. Pre-planning empowers you to customize every aspect of the shoot to seamlessly resonate with your brand’s persona, principles, and objectives. It’s more than just image capture; it’s the creation of a visual identity that authentically narrates your story and resonates with your target audience. 

3. Confidence in Your Investment:

I wanna make you more money, not have you feel like you wasted it!!!! I am really passionate about making sure every set, outfit, and prop is intentional, nothing is left to chance. This helps my clients feel excited and ready for their shoot because they know that this is going to lead to cohesive visual communication!

4. Turning Vision into Reality:

How do you feel when you plan and prep for something? You feel more confident, and at ease. This is the same when getting in front of the camera. You will be more relaxed to have your photo taken because I am going to walk you through the process beforehand! And all the planning will be worth it in the end! 

Always remember you are NOT planning this alone! I have questionnaires, guides, blog posts and my cell phone number for you to text me. I will walk you through the whole process because being able to help women with their business and brands is so fulfilling and honestly so much fun, I absolutely love it. So if you need some new Brand Photos and are in the Des Moines area or in Iowa, reach out today!! 

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