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Stephanie + Nathan Married|Sunset Ridge Barn|Iowa Wedding



This wedding was legit! I knew this wedding would be a blast because I really hit it off with Stephanie! Every time we got together to go over details for her sweet Iowa wedding, we would talk for hours! Her intimate wedding party was a complete blast! I felt like I just fit right in, everyone had so much fun! 

It was a beautiful day, it could not have been any better, especially after the storm the night before! Sunset Ridge Barn is located out in the county, a cute little barn over looking a pond.   I think Stephanie and Nathan held their breath a bit during the ceremony, hoping those geese wouldn’t start honking! They behaved very nicely and made no sounds at all!  Their ceremony was so perfect, they both got just a lil bit choked up during vows, and had a really neat time capsule for the unity piece! 

The reception was beautiful, and we were able to sneak off for a few sunset portraits! The cake from Little Blackbird Bakery was absolutely stunning! (and tasty too!) 

I am so excited for your new marriage, and with you both a happy, long and blessed life together! <3 



Flowers: Fudge’s Floral Shop                                           

Bakery: Little Blackbird Bakery                                            

Photographer: Kirstie Veatch Photography 

DJ:  Andy Powel, Select Entertainment   



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