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We had this grand morning all planned out. Kayla and Nick’s Des Moines Engagement Session was taking place at Grays Lake and would be at sunrise. We got there about 30 mins before the sun was to be out, planned the perfect spot. A few minutes before we decided to brave the cold and take off just over the hill, only to have the sun be covered with clouds! But, regardless of the sun hiding, we got some stunning photos of Kayla and Nick!


The Sunrise we had planned for was hidden under a thick layer of clouds, but that did not stop us from getting gorgeous photos!


Kayla and Nick were such an awesome couple!  They were so fun and playful together! Believe it or not, some couples can be difficult to photograph because they tense up in front of a camera, but these two were naturals! I have been so blessed this Fall with having so many amazing Des Moines engagement sessions, it makes my heart so happy!

After Grays Lake, we hit up Smokey Row Coffee Shop! (Yummm! If you have never been get some coffee and cheeseburger chowder!) Once they ordered their coffee and tea we went to a private room where we were able to get some really sweet photos! Kayla also taught me the neatest trick!  When you carry a liquid (like a full coffee cup) do not look at it and you wont spill and you wont have to walk at the speed of a sloth!  Thanks Kayla!!

After Smokey Row, we gave East Village a visit! This Des Moines Engagement session has so much variety, I love it!


The East Village is easily becoming one of my new favorite spots to photograph, and at 10:00 am it was pretty quiet, so we were able to go all over the place! I think Kayla and Nick really felt like themselves when they put on their Wild Shirts!! I even learned a bit about hockey!  This really brought out Nicks best smile, so the Whole Minnesota Wild team should come to their wedding!!

This Iowa wedding photographer absolutely can not wait for Kayla and Nicks wedding, its going to be just as fantastic as their engagement session!



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  1. Gorgeous photos! I love all the yellow! They are so cute!

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