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I can’t believe all of the amazing couples I got to meet and work with this year! I have learned a few things this past year about myself.

  1. I almost always cry during the toasts.
  2. I also almost always cry during the first dances.
  3. My favorite people to work with are those who are quick to laugh.
  4. Weddings always make me miss my husband, and I feel all those gushy feelings.
  5. I will never tire of the color pink, and good florals.
  6. I love hearing the stories behind special elements in your day.
  7. When I bum into a parent of the couple, and they are just soooo happy, and proud of their child. Thats an amazing moment to see.
  8. Bride and Groom portraits are the jelly to my peanut-butter

I couldn’t just pick a few of my favorite wedding photos, so theres actually quite a few from each wedding! I hope you will enjoy this look back to 2018 with me. I am beyond excited for 2018, and so happy for my 2018 couples!

To view some of these with a full blog post click here!

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