4 Questions You Should Ask Before You Book Your Wedding Photographer

So I was recently at a wedding show over the weekend and I overheard a bride walk by and state, “Wedding photography is the thing I am most stressed about.” Anyone relate to this? It’s one of the longest lasting items you will have from your wedding day. To make life easier for ya, Ive put together 5 questions you should ask before booking your wedding photographer!

1.What do I want my photos to look like?

There are all kinds of photographers out there, and they all have a different style to them. Things to look for in your wedding photographer is if you like their style, and if its consistent. I love to shoot weddings that are bright, colorful, and have lots of joyful moments in them. Lots of people notice how happy my couples look, and thats what really attracts me to weddings, how bright and joyful they are!

2. Will my wedding photographer make my wedding day go smoother?

This is soooooo important! Not only do I take care of the photography aspect, but because I am with you all day I really know how the whole wedding day flows! I always start chatting with my couples right away on the timeline and when to best plan those big moments like the ceremony and dinner, to do a first look or not, etc. You can’t really change the time of those when your wedding day is 1-2 months away so its always good to have a photographer who will keep everything in mind beforehand!

3. Is this photographer legit?

Do your research. Make sure your photographer is insured, (some venues require it). Also, make sure to ask for full galleries! You will want to see an idea of what a full day looks like. I am always happy to send full wedding and engagement galleries to my clients before they book.

4. Will this fit in my Budget?

So, this is going to come up the whole way through wedding planning, and can be the not so fun part. Keep in mind the investment you are making with photography. You will only get once chance to hire your dream photographer, and your wedding photos are likely to outlast your lifetime. When you hire a professional photographer, you are going to get more than just someone to show up and take photos. It’s going to be someone who has taken time to get to know you, ensure that your wedding goes smoothly as possible and gives you an amazing experience.

One of the things that I do special for my couples is after the engagement session, I send a questionnaire to check in and see what their favorite images were, what maybe they felt was not quite their favorite and what they really want on their wedding day. No time wasted on taking any photos that don’t feel 100% you!

I hope these tips are helpful to you! If you are interested in learning more about having me as your wedding photographer check out my site here to learn more!!


Happy Wedding Planning!


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