Location Matters in your Brand Session.  It totally sets the whole vibe of your session! 

Choosing your location for your brand session is one of the first things that I will talk about with my clients and sometimes we even discuss this. If we’re on a discovery call or emailing back-and-forth will kind of get an idea of the vibe that you want for your session. 

Location is really important because it really can transform the story and narrative that your images portray and even if you want a more simple background choosing a location due to the type of lighting that you want to achieve is also just as important. 

I’ve had some clients who will choose to book a studio, and we might use that for the entire session or maybe just for an hour or two hours worth and then we might go downtown or to a coffee shop or possibly you know a friends house or a staged or a park there’s so many options when it comes to location that you can choose from. 

Now, one of the important parts of securing location is just making sure that we are able and permitted to photograph at these locations, whether it’s permission from a local business or reaching out to the builder of a home you just really want to make sure that we’re doing commercial work that you are getting the OK to photograph on their property or at their establishment. 

Some of my favorite locations to use are studios, homes, coffee shops, parks, urban areas, downtown, parking garages, city streets, and my clients own business spaces. 

Des Moines has so many cute options for business photo locations and here are a few specific locations!

Des Moines Iowa woman brand owner sitting at desk with a computer smiling for headshot


The Whistler Studio

East Fifth Studio

The Creative Co Studio

Studio E9

AMP Studio

The Studio at One Source Events

Waterhouse Studio

Outdoors Downtown Des Moines

Iowa Woman of Achievement Bridge

The Art Center

The Rose Garden

Water Works Park

Grays Lake Park

East Village Des Moines

The Collumns

Ola Babcock Miller Building



Parks & Farms in Des Moines or Surrounding Areas

The Rose Farm

Pepper Harrow

Jester Park

Locations for Brand & Headshot Photos in Des Moines Iowa

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