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Ever wonder how a web designer’s brand comes to life through photos? Join me as I take you behind the scenes of a brand photography session with Josie from James Lynn Creative, a talented new Show-It Website Design and Brand Identity Strategist based in Iowa!  We’ll uncover how careful planning, clear goals, and creative storytelling come together to capture the essence of her brand. Ready to see the magic? Let’s dive in!

Planning the Perfect Shoot!

Great photos need great planning. For Josie’s shoot, every detail mattered. From choosing the right location to picking out props and outfits, everything was planned to match the vibe she wanted for her brand. Josie and I worked together to create a shot list that nailed her unique personality.  

Setting Clear Goals

The goals for Josie’s shoot were simple: show off her unique style and personality, and stick to her creative vision. In her own words “James Lynn Creative is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs live their life by design, whatever that looks like for them. A good business starts with a good website, and that’s where I come in. I want to help transform business dreams into reality.”  With our plan in place, we were ready to capture the spirit of James Lynn Creative. Next up, let’s see how we brought Josie’s brand to life.

Bringing The Brand to Life

Every photo in Josie’s session was carefully planned to highlight her brand’s personality. Each shot was designed to tell a story and capture her unique style. This attention to detail made the shoot not just successful, but unforgettable. I loved the colors she incorporated! They are bright and stand out while also keeping an artistic vibe as well.  The flat lay set up with her launch newspapers is one of my all time favorite set ups! 

Why Brand Photography Matters

In the world of brand photography, capturing a brand’s essence is a journey. It needs careful planning, clear goals, and a unique collaboration especially when you’re are first launching! Working with new businesses has been just a joy tho because I find you are in a headspace that has already been thinking so much on your new business that your goals are clear and you know what you want! Through storytelling and authentic visuals, a brand can stand out online. 

Launching a new brand or passion project? I’m Kirstie and I specialize in Brand and Headshot Photography and based here in the Des Moines area. Reach out to me today to start creating a visual identity that speaks to your audience! 

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