I made the decision to change the name of my business.

One might ask why I would do this. Well, I had asked my business coach if my name Capture Life Portraits made sense for a wedding photographer.  We briefly talked about it, but she did say that she thinks using my name in my business would be the best choice.  So, where did Capture Life Portraits come from? Back in high school when I started this business, I thought it sounded really unique and creative! Thats all. Thats the story behind the name haha!  I did talk with a few friends what it made them think of.  The common theme was that Portraits made them think of sit down headshots or senior photos. The capture life portion of the name was felt that it could apply to weddings, but gives the vibe that I will capture all aspects of your life after you get married, like babies and families. (That is not the vibe I am going for. haha!) 


I made the decision to change my business name, despite it being “a pain in the butt!”


Just a few days ago, I had made a poll on my facebook page. (If you have not followed me on facebook, get on that!!)  Basically I asked if I should keep my name the same or change it to my name. A little over half of you voted for me to keep my original Capture Life name. I know its fairly original for the area I am located, but for business reasons it had to go.  I felt that at the end of the day, using my name is going to grow with me no matter what turns and changes my business goes through. 

One of my concerns for changing my business name is what a pain in the butt it is! It so far has actually been pretty painless! I already have my logo changed, a new domain and URL for my website. I am in the works to get my name changed for my insurance. I will be filing my taxes with my new name and becoming an LLC!    For any advertisements I have out I can set up a redirect so that when a person puts in my old website URL my new website shows up.  The only Con I had left on my list is how easy it is to mispronounce and misspell my name.  Thanks Mom!)


Kirstie Veatch  sounds like this ;  Kirstie = curse – tea    Veatch = beach with a “V” 


I totally came up with this when I was working in a nursing home and none of the cute little old ladies knew how to say my name. 😛 

I decided not to use “Lee” in my name because there are so many photographers who have that same middle name. 

Everything now is on the works to getting switched over!  Now to make it “facebook official”.


So, I am hoping this in the long run makes it easier to find me when people are searching for wedding photographers and people will at least know that I do photography and not wonder if I do sit down portraits. 

Thanks to all of you who voted and gave me feedback! I appreciate it sooooo so very much! <3 

I love you all, and am thankful every day for all the support I have! 

My Name Change and Why I did it | Fine Art Iowa Wedding Photographer

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