The thing is, digital photos have a really short and fragile lifespan. As an Iowa photographer, I am here to tell you why printed photos hold more value than digital images, and why its important to get your images printed. In today’s world, it’s not official until it’s facebook official, if you didn’t post it, it didn’t happen.    Ok, maybe it’s not quite that extreme anymore, but I’m willing to bet that you have tons and tons of photos on your phone and on your computer.  You might have some stored back from years ago, and maybe if your like my mom you have some albums made up on facebook back from when you were in high school, but thats about it.


If it’s important to you, you need to have it printed


We spend money to go and get photographs taken, but the only interest we have is in the digital files. I am totally guilty of this, as a photographer who mainly has been offering digitals, and personally when I get photos taken. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I didn’t see the value in prints. In fact, I thought other photographers who charged for prints was too saley and was just trying to gyp you from your money. But then a few weeks ago I went to my parents house and got into the cabinet where all our baby photos, and folios from our childhood was. I was actually on a hunt to find photos from my parents wedding day, and with triumph I found them!!! I bought the album over to our family gathering and we all looked through them. We gawked at the fashion in the 90s and were blown away with how dark and thick Dads hair was back in the day. My fear is the next few generations won’t get to experience this.


Imagine your kids and grandkids not having photos of you or them to look back on.


I know you are thinking this is never going to happen, we take more photos than ever today! And you are right. Our handy smartphones make it really easy to document and snap photos all the time! What’s going to happen if your phone crashes? You could lose everything, and I’m not so sure I trust the cloud to keep all my images forever. So how many of you have your photos off your phone and onto a computer? For those who do get your images to the computer, then what? Digital files can corrupt, technology will fail, a computer could crash and your images could be gone just like that.    The photos you got of your newborn, where you dressed them up all cute and spent 5 hours to get the cutest photos, gone. You might have a low resolution file uploaded to facebook, but forget trying to print a facebook photo out.  Even if you are able to keep all your images, this is how your Thanksgiving would look like when you are 60 years old and have grand kids and a few grand pups running around.  You will have to all stand by the computer and click through images, and thats if the files are all organized. 


I can find images of my childhood up until about high school, and then I am only able to maybe find what is on facebook.  I have some super cool freshman year photos on myspace from 10 years ago. Will your grandchildren’s be able to view your images at a family Christmas?  Prints will hold up, but a digital file is a gamble.  Don’t get me wrong, digital can be great, I love posting images on social media, but remember a printed photo can be scanned. A corrupted digital file is gone for good. 

This has really inspired me, and it means so much it’s brought tears to my eyes the past few days because the truth is, we don’t live forever, and were not promised tomorrow.  We leave behind memories, stories, and photographs.   I wanted to share a few photos of printed photos of my family that I just adore! So be sure to check those out below! <3 

 I personally believe printed photos hold more value than digital images, and in fact are one of the most valuable possessions you will ever own. 


I want everyone I photograph to have physical printed images of some kid weather its and album, a folio book, or wall art. Print images and keep them in a beautiful box! Get family albums made frequently! I looked through our baby albums so much as a kid! This is why I truly believe printed photos hold more value than digital! I want to give you an experience that keeps on living, not just a file that will collect digital dust and eventually fade out for the next new technology.  







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Why Printed Photos Hold More Value than Digital

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