I was so excited when Lexi reached out to me about doing an anniversary session to celebrate her and Beau’s first year as a married couple! Lexi is an interior designer so I knew she was going to look amazing and was down for some creativity!   Practically giddy with excitement, I thought up things we could do that would really represent them as a couple.  I feel that we created the perfect Des Moines anniversary session for them!  To catch up on their wedding photos, read their blog here! Beau + Lexi Wedding


I wanted to make sure their des moines anniversary session gave a good nod to their own wedding day and stayed true to them as a couple.


I knew that tons of fancy dinner plates, ribbons, linens and floral  did not represent the intimate and elegant wedding they had a year ago. It needed to be something beautiful, but also something that they would enjoy and could see them doing on a date night.   Then, the perfect idea came, a harvest cheese spread and some wine!  We thought this would be so perfect, because its intimate, there is cheese, and there is wine. Whats more romantic than that?! This ended up being a really big hit for Beau, who was a fan of having snacks at the anniversary session! He bravely tested out the meats and cheese to make sure every thing was up to par. Thanks for taking that bullet for us Beau. ๐Ÿ˜‰


A harvest cheese spread picnic was the perfect  intimate date night des moines anniversary for beau and lexi!


The set up could not have been any cuter! We have a beautiful rug with some pillows to set out.  A tray for the arrangement of meats, cheeses and fruits, and of course their wine of choice. I had a small candle that made the area smell like a dream. The candle also doubled as a hand warmer. We got so lucky because it was supposed to snow! Fortunately the sun was out even if the temperature was dropping. Lexi planned on going out to The Brenton Arboretum and on arrival we found the most GLORIOUS WILLOW TREE!

Ok guys, let me paint a picture for you real quick. Being an Iowa Wedding Photographer, I really love to find new places to photograph engagement photos. We can go places and find neat things like buildings and trees that we might not have access to during the wedding. I have been searching for a willow tree all year! Not just any tree tho, this EXACT TREE! (There have been other willow trees, but they have been a terrible representation of the willows.)  I have seen this tree a few times in some other photos a photographer has, but could not find out where it was. I assumed it was private property.  Its in a public park at The Brenton Arboretum, and its seriously the willow tree of my dreams.   To any other Des Moines Wedding Photographer, go check it out.


I found the willow tree of my dreams and became the happiest iowa wedding photographer alive!


Taking advantage of the beautiful light shining through the branches of the the tree, we got some beautiful shots! One thing about Beau and Lexi is that they are always laughing! I love this in a couple because joy is one of my most favorite emotions to capture!  Having a good romantic, look into the distance shot is pretty, but laughter is just beautiful and timeless.  Let me know in the comments what your favorite emotion to see captured is!


I have grown so much as an Iowa Wedding Photographer this year, and really used this des moines anniversary to showcase some of the bits of knowledge I have been given.


This year I have grown in my business so much. I have invested so much time into really finding my style, and my voice as an Iowa Wedding Photographer. Taking courses on posing, going to workshops where I learned a ton about styling and having a more artistic eye, and mentoring with some really amazing local photographers. I feel absolutely so blessed to be where I am today and felt like this Des Moines Anniversary session was a great way to utilize some of the tips I have learned. I wouldn’t be here if not for the amazing women who have graciously decided to teach and share with others.

Katelyn James Photography

Ivory + Bliss

Ana Woods Photography

Emma Rose Photography

Justin & Mary

Val Marlene Creative

These are amazing creatives whom I have learned from, or am still learning from! Thank you so so much! <3  I feel like it is so important as a photographer to stay hungry to learn.  Weather its learning about lighting, gear, posing or on the business side of things I will always be improving to give my clients the best experience possible. <3

Thanks again to Beau and Lexi for having me document this sweet anniversary session, Love you both!


Romantic Harvest Des Moines Anniversary Beau + Lexi | Iowa Wedding Photographer

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