Welcome to another weekly wedding tip! Last week I talked about how to choose your wedding hair style (read up on that here), so I thought  next I would talk about your feet! Tieks are a designer Italian Leather ballet flat that are all hand made and come in a large variety of colors and prints.  They have been around for a few years now and really became popular when they appeared on an episode of Oprah’s Favorite Things. I gotta say, I agree with Oprah!

Tieks come in so many colors and finishes, it makes them the perfect ballet flats for brides and bridesmaids.

The color range is amazing, and they are so soft and comfortable, you wont be in pain by the end of the day like you would in heels! They are the perfect ballet flats for brides because they can match probably any accent color at your wedding, or be that awesome pop of color to spice things up!   Also, with these shoes you will get your moneys worth and be able to take them along on your honeymoon and really, wear them every day if you want! Here are some color examples, but there are so many more! Check out their website!!

Tieks are the most versatile ballet flat I have ever owned.

I have know about Tieks for a few years now, and considered buying a pair, but never made the plunge because they are only available online and a bit more pricey. They do have amazing customer service however, you always have free shipping and if you are not sure on your size, you can request the next size up or down right away so you can decided which size fits you best, just make sure not to wear them outside until you choose!  My sister in law, who is almost always seen in black ballet flats got a few pairs, so I was able to see them in person and get her opinions.  Soon after, I got my pair of Metallic Bronze Tieks and I am Obsessed! I already know which ones I want next. (Rose Gold Glam, Lovestruck, Chestnut, all of them.)



Have you ever had a pair of flats cut your heels so bad they bleed, and it took all of 4 minutes and only 1.7 blocks of walking? Me too.

One of the reason tieks are so great, is that they didn’t give me massive blisters or cut up my heels! I have such sensitive feet, and I get ingrown toenails so bad, so any pressure on my toes can irritate and flare them up. With that being said, they did feel uncomfortable to me the first few times I wore them. I never wear flats so my feet were not used to any rubbing at all. Now, three weeks later, I can walk in them, heck even run without them slipping down or falling off! They are a split sole, so they bend and flex with your feet when you walk!


Tieks are the perfect flat for photographers!!!

Because of how comfortable these shoes are, and how beautiful they are a great option for a wedding photographer! As an Iowa Wedding Photographer I have lots of hills and fields I usually have to walk around in. These shoes give great support and look so professional! I was at a session the other day and used my step stool and I felt much more grounded and safe compared to wearing my sandals.

I truly think that Tieks are worth their price tag, I love how they look and feel, and that they don’t give me shin splints. They have now become my everyday shoe.  If you have been thinking about getting a pair or two, I really encourage you to!


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