Today, I’m thrilled to take you on a delightful journey through a fall branding shoot with the incredibly talented Katelynn from Her Humble Hive. Her vision and passion for helping female founders and multi-passionate moms thrive in the world of business is nothing short of inspiring. Together, we embarked on an adventure to capture the essence of Her Humble Hive’s mission and personality. (I also had my son 5 weeks early the day after this shoot, so it was a wild 48 hours haha) 

Unveiling Her Humble Hive:

Her Humble Hive is on a mission to empower freedom-seeking female founders and multi-passionate moms to transform their businesses into buzzworthy brands. They’re all about creating flourishing businesses through story-driven branding, bespoke client experiences, and conversion-driven marketing. It’s a journey that begins with a deep consultation, ensuring they truly understand their client’s vision, unique challenges, and growth opportunities.

Using their signature framework, Brand, Build, Bloom, Her Humble Hive helps clients create, operate, and grow intentionally branded businesses. This, in turn, provides the freedom these remarkable individuals seek to focus on their true passions and do more of what they love both personally and professionally.

To view Her Humble Hive’s website and how she utilized her brand images check out her site at

A Whimsical Outdoor Adventure:

For Katelynn’s branding shoot, we embarked on a whimsical outdoor adventure at The Rosefarm. The enchanting gardens served as the backdrop for capturing the essence of Her Humble Hive’s flourishing mission. The lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and serene ambiance perfectly aligned with the brand’s nurturing and growth-focused ethos. We even found a few bees buzzing around the lavender which was a fun nod to the brand! 

We opted for warm jewel tone colors, seamlessly matching Her Humble Hive’s brand vibes. The outdoor shots were a perfect reflection of the brand’s promise to help businesses bloom, attracting ideal clients like bees to a flower.

Studio Magic:

Our session continued indoors, where we delved into a studio shoot at one of my favorite local spots, The Whistler Studio. The Whistler Studio is located in a historic building in Downtown Des Moines and has beautiful large windows that let in the most georgeous light! It has lots of amazing areas for different sets we can use which is so perfect for Brand Photo Sessions. The warm glow you can achieve at this studio was my top pick for Her Humble Hive. Here, we had the opportunity to create a diverse range of shots. The story wall became a canvas for creativity, with florals, quotes and visuals that embodied Her Humble Hive’s personal values and vibe.

A desk setup allowed for professional shots along with some fun candids. The combination of outdoor and studio settings provided a perfect balance, showcasing Katelynn’s brand in various contexts.

Variety and Cohesion:

One of the highlights of this branding shoot was the ability to seamlessly transition between different locations, maintaining the brand’s color scheme and vibes throughout. This variety added depth and character to the visuals, allowing Katelynn to tell her brand’s story in a multifaceted way.

This Des Moines Brand Photography shoot for Her Humble Hive exemplifies the power of storytelling through branding photography. By capturing the heart of Katelynn’s business, we’ve created a visual narrative that resonates with her audience, showcasing the nurturing and growth-focused spirit that defines Her Humble Hive!

 Ready to tell your brand’s story through captivating visuals? Let’s chat and embark on your own brand photography journey! 

Her Humble Hive Des Moines Branding Photo Session

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