One of the main attractions of Rollins Mansion is their beautiful Garden and the way it creates a unique space for your wedding ceremony.   Mr. Rollins had even hired a British horticulturist, who immigrated to the United States, to design and maintain the English gardens to complement the Tudor-styled home. 

The Ballroom is another favorite spot of mine at Rollins Mansion. It features beautiful stain glass windows, and an ornate hand-applied plaster ceiling.  It's perfect for smaller to medium sized ceremonies! 

Another charming fact that those who love history is that Mr. Rollins brought in ceiling beams from the inn where Williams Shakespeare performed! How cool is that?!

Estate and garden venue des moines iowa

You will find yourself transported to a time of elegance and class once you step onto the grounds of Rollins Mansion...


The refined multi-tiered gardens feature an elegant marble fountain, a serene reflecting pool, and a classically maintained green space. Our gardens offer both the beauty of a formal garden setting and a relaxed elegance of lush green space.


The ballroom is a grand scale living room for medium sized events enjoy the stain-glass windows in the ornate hand applied plaster ceiling along with the intricate carvings over the stone fireplace.


Rolin's mansion has really just a beautiful aesthetic everywhere you go the photographic opportunities are and less because this estate has a 360° radius of beauty everywhere.

Should we both get ready at Rollins Mansion?


We have a bridal suite with full-length mirrors and couches upon request.   There are many rooms in the Mansion that could be used for the guys to get ready in. 


Where do you recommend taking our family portraits?

Family Portraits look beautiful in any of the garden areas! There are a few to choose from and it will just depend on the lighting during that day! The ballroom is also beautiful for an indoor option!

What time should we schedule our ceremony to begin?

Most people choose to have an evening ceremony. The time will be depend on the season of the year, but anywhere from 4-6pm is most common.

Can we decorate?

You can bring in your own decorations. However, due to the historic nature of the facility, we have restrictions on setting up. No decorations may be hung, nailed, or tacked to the windows, window frames or wood work. Candles are allowed in limited spaces. 

How long should we plan to take bride & groom portraits?

I personally plan for 45 min to an hour of portrait time with my couples! And we sometimes even sneak away near Sunset for a few photos as well!

Should we do a first look?

For photography reasons, I usually love a first look!!! But you can read this blog post to see if its the right fit for you here!

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