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Finding My Brand

Hello there, I’m Kirstie, Des Moines Iowa Wedding Photographer and Portrait Photographer. Website creating has been an area that I love to tinker with and continually work on. Back in Jr.High when neopets was popular, (who all remembers neopets?!? show of hands!) I would work on making my homepage fancy! I really wanted to re-define my website and my business brand to be more professional and elegant. I had so many ideas and thoughts in my head, trying to find something that seemed unique and “never been done before” and this really put a strain on my creativity. After an amazing mentor session at the beginning of the month, I had the realization of what I wanted to represent as a photographer, and a creative.



I want to give you an experience that starts the second you find my website.  It is my wish that you will find the warm tones inviting and cozy, and my bright organic photographs pleasing to look at. I love to keep things simple and easy to navigate, you will be able to find all the basic information you need all on the homepage. A few little visual effects with sliding pages makes me really happy and I nerd out a bit over it! I love how fast and easy it is to contact me is, as quick communication is a priority for me.



I am inspired by emotions, places, memories, color and laughter.  My perfect day would look like this. It’s a chilly late autumn morning, I was able to sleep in a bit, and I am snuggled up in a thick cozy blanket with my puppy sipping on coffee. I am anticipating the day because I am getting together with a friend, or maybe some family that lives out of town. Shopping will always be in the perfect day for me, haha. This scenario gives me a feeling of comfort, excitement and joy.

My goal is to make sure you feel comfort, that you know as your wedding photographer I am so invested in you as a girl getting married to your best friend, wanting beautiful meaningful memories to keep forever.

I cant wait to see you excited for your wedding, to help plan outfits for your engagement session, and hear about all the other details for your wedding. I want to know the backstory to the heirloom your grandmother gave you, and all the other sentimental moments you have planned.

I hope your wedding day is filled with joy, that you cant help but get giddy when your fiance kisses your forehead, and the thought of finally getting to marry your best friend makes you the happiest of all.  My goal is to shoot for you looking back at your wedding after a month of being married, to when your grand kids are marveling over your photos.


My final thoughts

A lot went into what colors I chose for my website. Some might think its silly and super in depth, but that’s just how I roll, I like to find meaning in everything.  I now feel like my brand represents us. It represents my style of photography, and color palette. It also represents what is important to you, that you love all the little details too. I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about my new brand and website, I couldn’t be more excited to keep serving my brides and families!



Kirstie V


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