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my clients love that i don’t shoot with film



Hello there non photographer lingo speaking person.  You might be wondering what this post is about and why you should really even care about film vs digital. Whats it matter to you what equipment someone uses and what does it mean for your experience and images. Well….. a whole lot actually.  I’m going to lay everything out on the table today and tell you why my clients love that I don’t shoot with film and why digital cameras are the best medium for documenting your important life celebrations. 


What does Film vs Digital even mean?


Film Photography is your old school camera. You buy the film rolls, and load them into a camera, take photos and then send them off to get developed or develop them yourself in a dark room. The images can then be scanned once developed and saved to a computer.  Digital Photography is what is on the market in current time. Digital files are taken on SD cards, and you import them onto your computer and then view images.    With film photos, you do not have the option to view what you just took, and with digital you have a screen on the back of your camera where you can view images you just took.  (Note that there is a way you can have a digital back on a film camera, but its crazy expensive and I have never seen one in real life. ) There are lots of hybrid photographers, this means they shoot with both film and digital.  I have taken a film course on this, and I cans ay its just not for me. I find that switching back and forth between the two just takes up more time than I would like. 



How this effects you. 


Weddings are what I photograph most in my business. Events that can not be duplicated if there is an oopsie, so you better get it right the first time around.  Shooting with film means you better make sure you do not mess up your settings and make sure you don’t accidentally expose your film to light and ruin the whole roll of images you just took.  Now, there are lots and lots of successful film wedding photographers, who do not mess up, and are very careful and just love the dickens out of shooting with film.  For me, it gives a lot of unnecessary steps and expense, when I can give you an almost identical end product using my digital camera. 

When you shoot film you have to slow down. You don’t have the luxury of having a fast shutter to capture fast movements, or quick moments. I know that for some people it really helps to slow down and think about what they are shooting and get the very best shots. But I can easily just slow down while shooting with my digital camera. I love being able to interact with my couples and getting those cute laughter shots, or maybe small romantic changes and I feel like I would miss so much because I would be too choosy to get “the perfect shot”.  There are lots of ways you can adapt the mindset of shooting film and apply this when shooting digital.   Some might say that to shoot film you have to really know your settings and your gear, but its also just as true with digital.   

Pro tip, make sure to hire someone who knows how to use their camera. haha 



  I will admit there is something really neat and cool about hearing the film roll up, and just feeling cool that your throwing it back to how photos used to be taken all the time! But you know whats not cool?  The chance of losing photos. You have to mail your film to a lab, and thats still a chance that they could get ruined or lost. A small chance, yes  but those expensive images are still in someone else’s hands.  My digital camera lets me have two different cards to put in, so I am taking photos of each image twice. There is less chance that both cards could cur-plunk  and die on me. It also makes me feel like I am more in control, and not leaving so much in other hands.


Film is going to cost you a pretty penny, thats for sure. 



Film is expensive.  You have to buy a film camera, buy film. Lots of film, because there is only ever up to like 30 photos per roll. You have to pay to have it shipped, and then pay to have it developed and scanned.  That is a lot of extra money going into just the production of images, which is always going to make the photos more expensive, which makes it harder as a business owner to make more money because you have a bigger chunk in costs for doing business. 


 Reasons Digital trumps Film 



  1. Digital produces sharper images. My Iowa Wedding couples love portraits of people, and like to have crisper images of them. 
  2. No wait time!  I have sneak peaks up the next day and my couples love to see their images quickly, and I love to run home and look at my work as well! 
  3. You still have to edit film photos, and with our technology today and if you know how to use your equipment and use the best light, editing digitals shouldn’t take you much longer than film images.  If not, then you can outsource if you just hate to edit, but I love it so thats not problem for this Iowa Wedding Photographer. 
  4. Peace of mind.  I have more control with digital files, and thats one less thing to stress about when taking wedding photos. Who wants more stress? 
  5. Creative Freedom.   With digital files, if I decide I want to try a new for of edits, or shot more flash or night time photos, I can go do that without spending a bunch of money. 
  6. On the business owning side, its a lot less overhead cost. You don’t have to worry about not being able to get the film type you need because its not in stock, or you ran out and even amazon prime is not fast enough. 



Final Thoughts 


There are so many creative and talented photographers out there. There are many reasons that go into why one photographer chooses what type of gear to have and the experience they want to give to their clients. I personally find that at this time in my business my work is best shot with a digital camera. The idea that film is so much better and makes you a better photographer is not true, and there are tons and tons of photographers who are insanely amazing shooting with digital cameras.   Below you will see me with my beloved Canon 5D Mark iii digital camera, and I am quite excited about it. hahaha  (derp face!)  <3    



my beloved digital camera









  1. Haylee Kidd

    February 23rd, 2019 at 7:41 pm

    Have looked through your photos, in need of a job, and would love if you needed an assistant! Stunning photos.

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