Harpors Vineyard is an award-winning outdoor wedding venue focused on luxury provided experiences and services for their clients. Every wedding I have photographed there my couples have been blown away and absolutely love everything at Harpors Vineyard. 

One of the special things about Harpors Vineyard is that the owners Chelsea and Shay are constantly doing updates and renovations to make their already amazing space even better. 

They pride themselves on some of these small details that leave a big impact like no hidden fees. So those amazing chairs Luxury linens are included in your set up and there's also no booze limit! That's right alcohol is already worked into the price of the venue! They also have cool lighting like you see in the photo! No boring receptions at this place!! 

Unique vineyard wedding venue in central iowa

With beautiful locations indoors and outdoors, you will have a one of a kind experience here at Harpors...


The amount of detail and updates they have done to their lux lounge is insane!!! You need to visit their site and do the 3D tour, it will literally blow you away with all the lux details!!! (like a floor to ceiling mural imported from England!!) https://www.harpors.com/a-taste-of-luxury/


Theres multiple locations for a ceremony! Outside in front of the vineyard or indoors with the cool AC (or heat!)  I believe they might be making more ceremony locations as well here in the near future!  


All the details like lux linens and chairs are included!!! And the booze is already figured into the price so you don't have to worry about having a booze limit!!! 

Should we both get ready at Harpor's?


There is a lux lounge for the gals and a groom bin barn for the guys to get ready in! 


Where do you recommend taking our family portraits?

There are lots of areas at Harpors for family portraits! I usually will choose to find a spot that is easy to get to, and has even light. 

What time should we schedule our ceremony to begin?

Most people choose to have an evening ceremony. The time will be depend on the season of the year, but anywhere from 4-6pm is most common.

Can we decorate?

Most couples find that Harpor's is already insanely beautiful on its own! Most couples focus on a table scape, and florals. Some people also make a custom sign for their head table! The arbor can also be decorated, but otherwise theres no need to decorate the grounds! 

How long should we plan to take bride & groom portraits?

I personally plan for 45 min to an hour of portrait time with my couples! And we sometimes even sneak away near Sunset for a few photos as well! The vineyard is beautiful at sunset! 

Should we do a first look?

For photography reasons, I usually love a first look!!! But you can read this blog post to see if its the right fit for you here! https://kirstieveatch.com/the-first-look-is-it-right-for-you-iowa-wedding-photographer/

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Being an Iowa wedding photographer has been on of the best joys of my life! Getting to learn about couples stories and meet so many amazing people is the best part of my job! 

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